About me

Horos - Solarglider

I started flying radio controlled airplanes at an age of about 10. By that time time I decided that I'll fly by myself when I'll be older.

After school I started hanggliding and did this for many years.

During my time of study electrical engineering and afterwards working at the Airbus 380 program I paused my flying activities a little.

About 10 years ago I decided to start paragliding. The reason was it's simple and easy way to have glider with you, walk up to the starting fields and enjoy the flight later.

Four years ago I moved to the country side in southern Germany. Suddenly when I found a small airfield nearby I thought of flying independent of others help in the evenings after work. Using my normal glider I started flying a nano trike. I enjoyed this a lot, but especialy at the cold time of the year it was not too comfortable.

In the beginning of last year I found someone in Portugal selling an Alatus motor glider that fits into the new 120Kg of light aircrafts and I decided to bring this to Germany, do a certification and switch

over to 3-axis flying.

The Alatus is a really nice glider with good performance in light thermals. The only negative issue is the very high level of noise

and vibration that its caused by the two stoke engine ;-)


Since nearly two years I drive a small electric car, a CityEl, to increase the use of environmental friendly transport.

Very inspired of electric mobility I thought of replacing the motor

of my Alatus by an electric one for a long time already.

This summer I found an article about the Sunseeker II Eric Raymond build more than 10 years ago. I collected all documentation I found and decided to design and build a zero emission solar glider similar to his design

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